May 11, 2016

Handpicked Harry Reid Candidate Faltering In Nevada Primary

Horrible news for outgoing Minority Leader Harry Reid this week. Despite being the most powerful and influential Democrat in the state of Nevada, Reid’s handpicked candidate in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District is losing the Democratic primary by an astonishing 15 percentage points.

Reid endorsed State Sen. Ruben Kihuen in September 2015 and has appeared in Kihuen’s first ad of the election cycle.

Reid-Kihuen Endorse

Upon Reid’s endorsement, it was thought Kihuen would easily lock up the nomination:

Las Vegas Sun: “The coveted endorsement is expected to distinguish Kihuen from his three Democratic competitors…”

Las Vegas Sun: “The Reid endorsement boosts Kihuen’s position as the establishment-backed candidate in the race. It will give a large network of fundraising and grassroots support to Kihuen, a former staffer in Reid’s office.”

More embarrassing for Harry Reid, however, is that the candidate who he previously supported in the 2014 Lieutenant Governor race and whom he called “perfect” is now the frontrunner in the Democratic primary, despite his snub of her in 2015.

Harry Reid’s failure to support a successful candidate in a must-win race for the second election cycle in a row is a testament to how ineffective his influence has become. Perhaps Harry Reid’s decision to retire in 2016 is the most wise choice he has made this election.