May 10, 2016

What Happened To Hillary Clinton? Q-Poll Swing State Edition

Quinnipiac University released a set of polls from swing states that show bad news for Secretary Clinton in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Put simply, voters do not like or trust Clinton by wide margins in those critical states. When asked if voters had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Clinton, Clinton received a -20 rating in Florida, -28 in Ohio, and -21 in Pennsylvania:


When asked if they believed Clinton was honest and trustworthy, voters strongly said no. Nearly 70 percent of voters in each state said they believed Clinton was not either of those qualities:


When comparing these numbers to where Clinton stood in these states in October 2015 – the last time a poll like this was conducted by Quinnipiac in these states – Clinton’s numbers have gotten considerably worse. Back then, Clinton scored -7 favorability in Florida, -18 in Ohio, and -13 in Pennsylvania. Similarly, those who said Clinton was not honest and trustworthy were 59 percent, 61 percent, and 61 percent in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, respectively.

Those are still terrible numbers, but not nearly as bad as where Clinton stands today. These numbers are undoubtedly leading some Democrats to ask: how did everything go wrong and what happened to Hillary Clinton?