July 1, 2016

Happy Property Tax Day From Maggie Hassan!

Granite Staters will have many reasons to celebrate our nation’s independence this holiday weekend, but not until many of them pay their painful property tax bill today. What the property owners writing checks today won’t be celebrating are lower taxes, thanks to Governor Maggie Hassan – at least not until they take a cue from the Founding Fathers and send Hassan packing as they did the high-taxing Brits nearly 240 years ago.

What does Hassan have to do with property taxes, you ask? Well, the 80+ ways she made life more expensive for Granite Staters included multiple votes to block property tax relief measures that would have made today’s tax bills a lighter burden for New Hampshire families – and even the state’s veterans.

First, in 2007, then-state senator Hassan pushed to table a bill indefinitely that would have extended property tax credits to all honorably discharged New Hampshire veterans. The bill was effectively killed, presumably so that the funds could be spent on one of Hassan’s favored big government programs instead of helping returning vets.

Then, in 2008, Hassan again had the opportunity to help New Hampshire property owners, but instead voted to kill another tax-lowering bill that would have prevented homeowners from being charged an arbitrary amount for the “value of a view” from their property. Yes, Maggie Hassan supports what is basically a tax on air.

Oh, and by the way, Hassan cast those votes while living property tax-free in a half-million dollar home.

Maggie Hassan has said “there is work we need to do” to lower property taxes, but it doesn’t appear that she’s up for the job. It’s time for New Hampshire taxpayers to declare their independence.