December 23, 2015

Harry Reid Missed The Memo On Pennsylvania’s Budget Crisis

Harry Reid sent out a widely-mocked fundraising email for Pennsylvania senate candidate Katie McGinty, actually touting her role in the state’s ongoing budget gridlock. The Morning Call reported:

In an email from his leadership PAC, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid urged support for McGinty, touting her work on Gov. Tom Wolf‘s state budget proposal during her six months as his chief of staff.

Reid said McGinty “was able to develop a budget proposal for Pennsylvania that cut property taxes for families and seniors, increased aid to public education, and expanded Medicaid.”

“Katie got these effective results through problem-solving and a can-do attitude — and that’s what we need in the Senate,” Reid wrote in the email promoting several female Democratic U.S. Senate candidates.

Huh? Reid (or whichever of his flacks drafted the email) may have wanted to do a Google search on “Pennsylvania budget” and scroll through the results for a few seconds.

Had he done that, Reid would have quickly discovered that yesterday was Pennsylvania’s 175th day without a budget, and McGinty was so ineffective in her brief time on the job that she was excluded from budget negotiations, despite getting paid nearly $85,000 in taxpayer money for six months of “work.”

Then McGinty resigned her position while negotiations were still ongoing, despite leading Keystone State Democrats like Ed Rendell saying she wouldn’t. So basically the budget is probably the last issue that McGinty wants to bring up.

Predictably, McGinty’s primary opponents Joe Sestak and John Fetterman jumped on the disconnect between Reid’s rhetoric and the reality Pennsylvanians are facing heading into the holidays thanks to ineffective politicians like Katie McGinty.

Given the do-nothing nature of the Senate he led for eight years, it’s clear Reid has a strong affinity for partisan bickering over budgets. He’s just completely delusional if he thinks that’s what Pennsylvania is looking for in their next senator.