November 23, 2015

Hassan Continues To Take Fire From Her Base

Even after attempting to walk back her position on Syrian refugees late last week, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan is entering her second week of friendly fire from fellow Democrats and typically friendly media outlets.

Left-leaning newspaper The Keene Sentinel blasted Hassan in an editorial on Sunday:

What has been disappointing is the reaction of Democrats — Gov. Maggie Hassan and Congresswoman Annie Kuster among them — who’ve been baited into taking a hard line on these refugees, under the threat of being deemed “soft” on national security.

Hassan is the only Democratic governor in the nation to have proposed halting plans to accept refugees “until intelligence and defense officials can assure that the process for vetting all refugees is as strong as possible.”

The Concord Monitor was equally unimpressed in a Monday editorial that began with the brutal sentence:

We do not stand with Gov. Hassan.

And went on to say, “It’s too bad Hassan chose a different path than her mentor Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.”

Speaking of Shaheen, the Democratic senator was repeatedly pressed by MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki on the criticism of Hassan from the left Monday evening. While Shaheen was careful not to openly throw her fellow Democrat under the bus, she broke with Hassan on the refugee screening program, saying we already “have a very good system for vetting refugees”:

Given the unceasing blowback and complete failure of Hassan’s attempted damage control, it’s unsurprising NH1 named her their “Loser of the Week”: