May 24, 2016

Hassan Hassled By Clinton Connection Ahead Of NH Convention

The New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board has become the latest Granite State news outlet to point out that Gov. Maggie Hassan just might have a Clinton problem on her hands, asking, “Is Hassan willing to answer for her candidate, Hillary Clinton?”:

Hassan has been reluctant to provide any real answers on foreign policy questions so far. But she endorsed Clinton early on, and is a Clinton superdelegate. So in the absence of anything from the Hassan campaign outlining her foreign policy priorities, voters would be justified to assume Hassan would be little more than President Hillary Clinton’s rubber stamp in the U.S. Senate.

Just hours after the Union Leader’s stinging rebuke, news broke that leftist agitator Elizabeth Warren will headline the upcoming New Hampshire Democratic Convention, news sure to rile up the grassroots Democrats that handed a supermajority of votes to socialist Bernie Sanders – despite Hassan’s endorsement of Clinton.

That means Hassan must grasp for votes from these Bernie-Or-Bust supporters in her own party, not to mention Independent voters, but her close ties to Clinton have become a major liability. A WBUR poll released last week showed that New Hampshire voters’ distaste for Clinton has – if anything – gotten worse since February’s landslide primary loss:

[The poll] found that just 35 percent of New Hampshire voters have a positive view of Clinton… By contrast, Democrat Bernie Sanders’ numbers are just the opposite: 55 percent view him favorably, while 34 percent view him unfavorably.

Warren, who shares Sanders’ radical and extreme views, appeals to his supporters, and has steadfastly resisted endorsing Clinton, is about the last person likely to rally support for the Democrats’ flawed frontrunner.

It’s not just Clinton and her Wall Street speeches Warren could find fault with. Hassan has taken heat recently for her appointment of a longtime banking industry lobbyist to be the state’s top bank regulator – a record that is completely at odds with Warren’s reputation as the Senate’s top bank basher.

With the convention just weeks away, Granite State Democrats are going to have a hard time avoiding a repeat of the recent Nevada state convention fracas and putting an end the proxy battle between Bernie and Hillary for the soul of the party anytime soon.