October 27, 2016

Hassan Held Accountable For Her Shameful Budget Veto

During the penultimate New Hampshire Senate debate, Governor Maggie Hassan was held accountable for her failed record as governor that has been so harmful for the state. The opioid crisis has ravaged the state, yet Hassan vetoed a budget that would have rushed aid to those trapped in that painful epidemic:

“Many substance abuse treatment facilities, for instance, would have received significantly more money to treat addicts in the vetoed budget than they’re now getting. Jacqui Abikoff of Horizons Counseling Center in Gilford said her center’s intensive outpatient program was expected to more than double its occupancy from 10 to almost 30 patients with the added money. ‘That just delays making decisions on hiring new staff, renting new space,’ Abikoff said. ‘You can’t expand programs without having the resources to expand those programs.’

Last year, one New Hampshire resident worried that Hassan’s veto would “hurt people struggling to get sober”:

“Twenty-two-year-old Kaitlyn Milllete of Giford, who started using heroin at age 15, said this program helped her stay clean for a year and a half. She is worried the budget fight in Concord could end up hurting people struggling to get sober.”

During the debate, Senator Ayotte held Hassan accountable for her harmful actions, and reminded New Hampshire residents that Hassan let them down on this issue: