December 7, 2015

Hassan Under Fire For Failed Leadership, Losing Ground With Dems

A new poll from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) today spells big trouble for New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan’s run for U.S. senate, showing her favorability rating among her base tanking by double digits:

Although the overall state of the race hasn’t changed, Hassan has seen a decline in her approval rating from 50/39 in October to now 43/40. The decline has come entirely among Democratic leaning voters– she was at 81/8 with people who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 on our last poll, and now finds herself at just 69/15 with that same group. Those numbers suggest her decline might be a reflection of unhappiness over her position on refugees.

Hassan can’t even claim credit for taking a politically courageous stand – a New Hampshire Union Leader editorial published Sunday gives a rundown of Hassan’s campaign strategy: wait to see which way the political wind is blowing, lead from behind, then backtrack:

It’s easy to predict where Maggie Hassan will stand on controversial issues.

Just read Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s press releases, and wait a day.

Ayotte was among the first to call for suspension of the Syrian refugee program until adequate screening could be provided.

Hassan, running against Ayotte, fumbled over her position before coming to the same conclusion. Facing immense backlash from her liberal base, Hassan has since tried to temper her support for pausing the refugee program.

As the global terror threat rises, voters are looking for leaders – hence President Obama’s unsuccessful attempt to address national security concerns in a primetime speech Sunday evening – and Hassan, by waffling on key issues, caving to pressure from her base, and refusing to call ISIS “radical Islam” is failing to provide any semblance of leadership.