April 11, 2016

Heated Attacks In New York Democratic Primary

Steve Williams and Colleen Deacon, two Democrats facing each other in New York’s 24th Congressional District, have quickly escalated their attacks over the issue of paid family leave.

After Colleen Deacon wrote an op-ed explaining her support for paid leave, Williams said he supports the policy but said “the devil’s in the details.” Deacon then responded with a press release accusing Williams of failing to support the policy.

Today, the Citizen released an interview with Williams. He said, “What [Deacon] said was just a complete lie and there was no basis or foundation for it whatsoever. … I am really, really angry about that press release. It was a lie, it was completely false and I’m discouraged about how she and her campaign are moving forward on this kind of thing.”

The heated attacks and charges of “complete lies” show how chaotic the primary has become.