August 20, 2015

Here Are The Other Things Clinton Didn’t Really Think Through

Yesterday, Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said Clinton “didn’t really think it through” when she chose to use her personal email for State Department business.


Palmieri’s comment begs the question: what else has Clinton not “really thought through?” Luckily America Rising has that list for you right here:

Clinton’s Hypocritical Wage Gap Position

Upon announcing her Presidential campaign, Clinton said that “the deck was still stacked in favor of those already at the top” and pledged to close the wage gap. But what she didn’t mention was that she paid the top Clinton Foundation staffer nine times the average Iowan household’s income. And after bemoaning the wage gap, Clinton took a vacation in the Hamptons in a rental home that costs a cool $100,000 for two weeks.

7.26.15 Clinton at Organizing Event in Ames, IA - IMAGE 421

Her “Unaccountable Money” Attacks Backfiring

In April, Clinton pledged to “get rid of the unaccountable money that is flooding into our political system.” It’s clear that Clinton really didn’t think that statement through, because only one month later, The New York Times reported that Clinton would “begin personally courting donors for a Super PAC supporting her candidacy.”

8.10.15 Clinton at Student Loan Town Hall - Exeter NH (112)

Taking A Private Jet To And From Her Climate Change Speech

In July, Clinton called for reducing carbon emissions as part of her energy agenda. But one really wonders if she was thinking about her policy agenda when she decided to board the private jet following the speech – a private jet that burns 347 gallons of fuel per hour. Following the incident, Clinton’s campaign said it would be going carbon neutral – except no one’s really explained how they would even accomplish this.

8.20.15 Clinton Private Jet

Charging Public Universities Exorbitant Speaking Fees

Just this month, Clinton laid out her plans to make college more affordable. But what Clinton conveniently forgets and most likely didn’t think about, is that she charged outrageous speaking fees to several colleges and universities.

8.10.15 Clinton at Student Loan Town Hall - Exeter NH (217)

Accepting Foreign Donations At The Clinton Foundation

It appears Clinton didn’t really think through the consequences of the Clinton Foundation accepting foreign donations while she was Secretary of State, despite the Memorandum of Understanding she signed with the Obama Administration.


The Failed “Russia Reset”

Clinton wanted to “re-set” relations with Russia. She probably wasn’t thinking about how it would turn out to be a complete failure, or how several high-ranking officials now see Russia as the number one threat to the U.S.

8.20.15 Russia Reset

Her Attempts To Distance Herself From Wall Street

Last but not least, Clinton claims she supports financial reform on Wall Street. She really should have thought about the validity of that statement before holding a fundraiser with at least 12 hedge fund managers with close ties to Wall Street.

8.10.15 Clinton at Mcintyre Ski Area Organizing Event - Manchester NH  (70)

Maybe the better question for Clinton would be: is there anything this campaign has thought through?