September 28, 2016

Here’s The Proof That Deborah Ross Fought To Prevent A Sex Offender Registry

Senator Richard Burr’s new ad showcasing former ACLU-NC Executive Director Deborah Ross’ fight to prevent a sex offender registry in North Carolina could be the most impactful ad of the 2016 cycle. Ross’ campaign has been rocked by her past shocking behavior. The importance of the ad can be seen in how fast Ross’ campaign was up with their own ad attempting to rebut the charges.

Today the Washington Post wrote about the impact Ross’ previous fight to prevent a sex offender registry is having in North Carolina. According to the article, internal Democratic polls have Ross dropping double digits once they see Burr’s ad:

“Democrats don’t argue Burr’s ad could be bad news for their candidate. They shared with The Fix internal polling that shows Ross takes a significant double-digit hit after voters see Burr’s ad about the sex offender registry.”

That’s troubling news in light of new findings from the Senate Leadership Fund. Ross’ defense of her shameful actions has involved trotting out one of the sex offender registry bill’s sponsors to claim that Ross helped him with the law. Now the Senate Leadership Fund has exposed Ross’ excuse as a lie from a professional Democrat.

According to 1997 story in the Charlotte Observer, Ross attacked the bill creating a sex offender registry for having “unintended consequences” and claimed that it would not “protect the kids”:

“‘It will have unintended consequences,’ said Deborah Ross, director of the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina. ‘It’s another high-profile attempt to deal with the problem,’ Ross added. ‘The question is: Is this going to protect the kids?’ Her answer: no.”

Simply put these are disgusting words from Ross. If she had any decency she’d immediately apologize for trying to prevent the protection of North Carolina’s children.