December 30, 2015

Here’s The Reason Hillary Clinton Can’t Fix Her Campaign

Earlier this month, The Washington Post declared that Hillary Clinton had “The Worst Year In Washington” in 2015. It’s not hard to guess why: previously undisclosed foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, revelations of a private email server used exclusively for State Department business, and a campaign struggling to fend off a challenge from an avowed socialist.

That prompted a barrage of whining from Clinton supporters, prompting the Post’s Chris Cillizza to defend his selection of Clinton for his annual “Worst Year” award.

But that’s where things get interesting: Cillizza rightly notes that all of the scandals and politics aside, the real problem for Clinton’s campaign is the candidate herself – people just don’t trust her or think she’s honest:

The truth is that the lasting story of 2015 was how Clinton — or at least her candidacy — was less than we all thought it would be. The past year revealed that she had the same flaws that she had displayed in her unsuccessful 2008 campaign. That despite a total staff overhaul between those two races, the candidate remained the same — and that was the main reason for her struggles.

Good luck righting that ship in 2016, Team Clinton!