November 5, 2015

Here’s What Jay Dardenne Said About John Bel Edwards

Louisiana Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne endorsed Obama Democrat John Bel Edwards for governor today, earning him stern rebukes from RNC Chairman Reince Preibus, who wrote in a letter to Dardenne that he “cannot claim to be a conservative fighter for Louisiana principles and publically endorse an Obama liberal like Mr. Edwards,” and Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere, who called Dardenne “the Nick Saban of Louisiana politics.”

Dardenne gave an odd rationale for his endorsement of Edwards – that he simply couldn’t move beyond his criticism of fellow Republican David Vitter during the primary. In his remarks at today’s press conference, Dardenne said, “How can I pretend that everything I said about David Vitter less than two weeks ago has no meaning?”

That’s curious logic for Dardenne, given the dozens of times he’s attacked Edwards. Here are just a few of the insults Dardenne and his team hurled at “typical Democrat” Edwards just weeks ago:

Edwards’ promises represent “a liberal fantasyland”:

Edwards has “put his party first, instead of Louisiana”:

Edwards “calls for higher taxes”:

Edwards proposes “more and more debt”:

Edwards is “writing a check Louisiana can’t cash”:

Edwards’ Obamacare expansion proposal is “foolish and insolvent”:

Edwards represents “typical Democrat politics”: 

Edwards is part of “DC’s war on Louisiana”: 

Dardenne did not address how he is able to pretend that his remarks about Edwards have no meaning.