September 4, 2013

Hey Mark Pryor, Where Are Your ObamaCare Spirit Fingers?

Today President Clinton is scheduled to give a major policy speech on ObamaCare at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. However, The Hill had previously reported that Senator Pryor won’t attend the ObamaCare speech because of “a previously scheduled engagement out of town.”

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) won’t attend President Clinton’s speech on ObamaCare in his home state of Arkansas, a sign of how problematic the law is for the embattled senator.

“Sen. Pryor has a previously scheduled engagement out of town that day, so he won’t be able to attend the event at the Clinton Presidential Library,” Pryor campaign spokeswoman Amy Schlesing tells The Hill via email.

So, what’s the big mystery event that Pyror views as a “#Pryority” over President Clinton’s ObamaCare speech in his own hometown? Who knows! Pryor has had the not-so-transparent habit of posting his daily schedule after he attends events. Talk about constituent outreach…

Nonetheless, when Pryor has gone on the record this recess, he’s been President Obama’s main cheerleader for ObamaCare and claimed that it has been an “amazing success story” in Arkansas. So if he’s continuously doubling-down on his support for ObamaCare, why is he hiding from the most publicized pro-ObamaCare event in Arkansas this year?

Whatever Pryor’s “#Pryorities” are over the Clinton ObamaCare event, let’s not forget that Pryor didn’t shy away from President Clinton earlier this year when $1 million in campaign contributions were on the line.

Clinton returned to his home state to headline a series of fundraisers for Pryor that raised $1 million for his re-election campaign.