July 5, 2013

Hey Schweitzer, That Dog Don’t Hunt

For a guy who talks a whole heck of a lot about campaign finance reform and ethics, former Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) sure has a lot of nerve:

A politically active nonprofit group tied to two appointees of former Gov. Brian Schweitzer shared the governor’s campaign address and received contributions from an organization that Schweitzer was involved in, even as the governor was bashing other such nonprofits for hiding from state disclosure laws.

This coming from the same guy who just last year accused a nonprofit of using “dirty, secret, corporate, and foreign” money and said he wouldn’t “be surprised if this doesn’t end with some people in jail.”

Less than a week before the election, Schweitzer rallied a crowd against anonymous political money and American Tradition Partnership. The governor said the group is engaged in using “dirty, secret, corporate and foreign” money in a conspiracy to influence Montana elections.

“I’d be surprised if this doesn’t end with some people in jail,” Schweitzer told enthusiastic backers of an initiative on the ballot that opposes constitutional rights for corporations and declares their money is not protected speech.

Schweitzer also called the nonprofit a “criminal organization” and said that it lived “in a post office box.”

Yet when asked about what exactly the organization connected to Schweitzer and his political appointees did in Montana, neither one of Schweitzer’s associates could answer.

Neither Gallik nor Franklin Hall, a Schweitzer adviser who returned a call made to the former governor’s cellphone, could tell The Associated Press just what the group did or what it spent its money on.