July 10, 2013

Hickenlooper “Quietly” Continues His Leftward Shift, Backing $1 Billion Tax Hike, Reversing Previous Stance

Under the headline “Hickenlooper Quietly Announces Support For School Tax Hike Initiative,” KDVR reports Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is continuing his sharp left turn by backing a near $1 billion tax hike initiative to fund education.

Maybe Hickenlooper was so quiet, issuing “no official press release, no carefully-crafted statement” because his support for Initiative 22 is a reversal from his 2010 stance as a candidate in opposition to new taxes to fund education.

There was no official press release, no carefully-crafted statement — just, as there so often is, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and a microphone.

On Wednesday morning, speaking to a breakfast meeting of the Colorado Forum, a group of business leaders, Hickenlooper did what he’s been unable or unwilling to do when pressed by reporters on the looming ballot initiative that will ask voters to approve a two-tiered income tax hike this fall to generate $950 million for Colorado schools.

He came out with a clear position — in support of Initiative 22, which was just announced last month. 

Hickenlooper’s Initiative 22 would increase taxes on all Coloradans, regardless of income.


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