July 28, 2016

Hickenlooper: A Superdelegate Who Ignores His State’s Wishes

Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) is a Clinton superdelegate in a Sanders state. Due to that fact, Hickenlooper has faced criticism for ignoring the will of the people. While the Democratic primary was still raging, the governor ignored the 60% of Colorado voters who went for Sanders, saying he was elected to make decisions:

“Sanders won the state’s caucus by almost 20 percent of the vote, but may tie with Clinton when it comes to the state’s delegates, thanks to party officials like Hickenlooper. Still, for his part, the governor says he is not interested in changing his allegiance to reflect the popular vote… ‘The voters elected me to use my judgment to make decisions,’ Hickenlooper told Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner. ‘I can’t imagine changing where I stand.’”

The DNC Rules committee’s defeat of an effort to abolish superdelegates, just last week, means that the superdelegate wound is still fresh for many Sanders’ supporters. The Colorado governor should not expect a warm reception from the thousands of Sanders supporters in the crowd.