April 19, 2016

High-Profile Clinton Supporter Subject To Federal Criminal Investigation

Hillary Clinton has had a tortuous relationship with Theranos and its CEO Elizabeth Holmes this year. Theranos was once a shining star in Silicon Valley due to its supposedly “revolutionary” blood test technology. Yet recently it has been shrouded in almost non-stop controversy. Even with the scandal surrounding Theranos, in March it was announced that Chelsea Clinton was going to hold a fundraiser hosted by Holmes at the Theranos offices.

Yet after that news “raised eyebrows,” it was publicized that in fact the Chelsea Clinton fundraiser would not be held at Theranos, but rather at a private home. While the Clinton campaign changed the venue, it didn’t stop the Clintons from using Holmes’ “clout to raise money” or for Holmes to speak standing beside the former First Daughter.

During her political career, Hillary Clinton has shown little concern about holding fundraisers with people of questionable character. Chelsea Clinton’s fundraiser with Elizabeth Holmes is no exception. That is because last week it leaked that federal regulators are looking to ban Holmes from her company for two years for her failure to fix “major problems” at her lab.

Last night the news got even worse for this high-profile Clinton supporter. The Wall Street Journal reported that federal prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation into Theranos. Additionally, the SEC has also launched a probe to determine if “Theranos made deceptive statements to investors when it solicited funding.”

Given that Clinton used Elizabeth Holmes, a person now subject to multiple federal investigations, to raise campaign cash, her only reasonable course of action is to return the money. Anything else would be an insult to the American people.