November 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton Boards A Private Jet In NH Hours After LCV Endorsement

Just a day after she received and touted the endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV)—a fringe leftwing environmentalist group—Hillary Clinton happily boarded her private jet for the short trip back to New York.

At the LCV endorsement event, Clinton said:

“I will also launch a negotiations with Canada and Mexico for a North American Climate Compact to cut carbon and fight climate change across the continent.”

The endorsement caused an uproar among the environmentalist left, who point out fellow Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has a far better LCV scorecard on issues important to the group.

Just hours after touting the LCV endorsement, Clinton skipped flying commercial or driving and boarded a Learjet 60, which according to the Daily Mail and Jet Advisors, consumes 203 gallons of jet fuel per hour:

The $13.3 million Learjet 60 cruises at a top speed of 525 miles per hour, according to Jet Advisors, a firm that counsels America’s 1 per cent on aircraft purchases.

It also consumes 203 gallons of jet fuel for every hour it spends with its twin engines running.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, burning a gallon of jet fuel produces 21.1 pounds of carbon dioxide.

That puts the Learjet 60’s hourly carbon footprint at 4,283 pounds – more than 2 tons.

Clinton’s campaign had pledged to go carbon neutral back in July 2014, but a report from CNN revealed they never made good on that promise, instead just saying it was “still an important goal” of the campaign’s.