January 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Campaigns With Harry Reid, A Hater Of Iowa & New Hampshire

Weeks before voters in Iowa and New Hampshire make their 2016 decision, today Secretary Clinton will be standing alongside disgraced former Majority Leader Harry Reid, a well-documented and repeat hater of the early voting states.

On Monday, Jon Ralston, Nevada’s pre-eminent political reporter, noted that Reid began his last year (finally!) in office with “slight digs at NH and IA.”

Reid’s latest salvo comes on the heels of last October’s sit down with the Washington Post’s Paul Kane in Las Vegas when the gaffe prone master of gridlock blasted Iowa and New Hampshire, saying:

“I was always terribly upset about how we were choosing our presidents. You go to New Hampshire. There are not any minorities there. Nobody lives there.

“You go to Iowa. There are a few people there, but again it’s a place that does not demonstrate what America is all about, for a lot of different reasons.”

Reid’s disparagement drew a resounding chorus of sharp and immediate condemnation from all sides.

And yet, today Hillary Clinton has no problem campaigning with him today, an unwise move for someone running either behind or in a dead heat with Bernie Sanders in both states. You can bet voters in Iowa and New Hampshire will take notice.