February 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton Can’t Decide Whether She Supports The Public Option Or Not

Yesterday, Politico reported that the Clinton campaign updated its website to note Clinton’s support for the public option, an option eliminated from ObamaCare prior to its implementation.

But just a month ago, at a Democratic primary debate in South Carolina, Clinton recalled the failed attempt to offer a public option and suggested Democrats focus on making ObamaCare work:

CLINTON: “And even during the Affordable Care Act debate, there was an opportunity to vote for what was called the public option. In other words, people could buy-in to Medicare, and when the Democrats were in charge of the congress, we couldn’t get the votes for that. So, what I’m saying is really simple, this has been the fight of the Democratic Party for decades. We have the Affordable Care Act. Let’s make it work.”

Clinton likes to call herself a “progressive, but I’m a progressive who likes to get things done,” yet it might be more accurate to call her a progressive who wants your vote. She’s proven time and again that she will say or do anything to win over the liberal wing of her Party to get elected. The “revival” of her support for the public option is just the latest example.