September 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Dragging Down Patrick Murphy In Florida

Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness (or lack thereof) is becoming a drag on down ballot Democrats.

Over Labor Day weekend, USA Today published a story titled, “Hillary Clinton’s negatives could hamper Patrick Murphy in Senate race.” The story stems from Murphy’s public declaration last week that he believes Clinton is honest and trustworthy.

“How can Patrick Murphy stand with Hillary Clinton when, over and over again, she’s proven to be untrustworthy?” asked Marco Rubio, the man whose seat Murphy wants to claim in November.

More troubling for Murphy are Clinton-backers’ willingness to split their ticket, meaning they would vote for Clinton in the presidential race and back Republicans for the House and Senate:

In a nationwide USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, 32% of Clinton’s supporters said they’re “very likely” to split their votes, and 20% say they’re “somewhat” likely to do so.

More problematic for Murphy: Florida independents “aren’t particularly thrilled with Clinton.”

A Quinnipiac poll released in early August found that 60% of likely independent voters in the Sunshine State viewed Clinton unfavorably compared to 33% who gave her a thumbs-up. A Monmouth University poll released in mid-August found a similar gap of 51-28%.

Hillary Clinton’s inability to put her email and Foundation scandals behind her is beginning to drag down other Democrats like Murphy, who already has a host of his own unresolved honesty issues, making his challenge that much greater.