August 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton Ducks Foreign Trip, Pretends She Has Solid Foreign Policy Record

Unlike John McCain, Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton will not be making a foreign trip during her presidential campaign. There are many reasons the Clinton campaign could give for why their candidate would not travel abroad, yet the one they landed upon is laughable. Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri actually claimed that Clinton’s time as Secretary of State made a foreign trip redundant:

“’To date our assessment has been that it just does not ever make sense to do that given the amount of experience she has on an international stage and in international security,’ Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri told ABC News, referring to Clinton’s extensive foreign travel as secretary of state.”

Noting Clinton’s “extensive foreign travel” is fitting because the miles Clinton traveled as Secretary of State is the only thing she has to show from her time at Foggy Bottom. Clinton’s tenure was a disaster for the United States’ foreign policy, as the list bellow shows.

  • Clinton pushed Obama to intervene in Libya, now a stronghold for terrorists.
  • Clinton championed the failed reset with Russia.
  • Clinton repeatedly denied to designate Boko Haram a foreign terrorist organization.
  • Clinton’s private email server was very likely hacked by hostile state actors according to FBI Director James Comey.
  • Clinton laid the “groundwork” for the nuclear deal with Iran.

If this the foreign policy record Clinton is so proud of, perhaps it’s best Clinton doesn’t travel to other countries. It’d be a shame if the rest of the world thought Americans stood behind such a woeful record of failure.