March 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is The “Polaroid” Candidate In A Snapchat World

Young people have overwhelmingly shown this year that they are not buying what Hillary Clinton is selling. In state after state Bernie Sanders has dominated among voters aged 18 to 29. Clinton’s awful results with millennials has thrown into question whether Clinton can re-create the Obama coalition, of which young voters were a crucial component.

As the New York Times brutally put it yesterday, Hillary Clinton is the candidate for people who “came of age with Polaroids” not Snapchat:

“Indeed, while Mr. Sanders’s message of political revolution has made him the overwhelming choice of the Snapchat generation, Mrs. Clinton is doing just fine counting on voters who came of age with Polaroids.”

Clinton’s deficit among young voters, a fact her campaign has “acknowledged,” had led her to appear where the millennials are with little result:

“Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has acknowledged its deficit among millennials, and with an eye toward the November election, she has conspicuously tried to woo them. She made a guest appearance on the Comedy Central series ‘Broad City’ last week, had the pop singer Katy Perry perform at a rally and has used Lena Dunham, the creator and star of “Girls,” as a campaign surrogate.”

Clinton’s millennial shortfall is only going to worsen as the perception grows that the Democratic establishment is trying to push Sanders out of the race prematurely. Sanders has said those calls for him to drop out are “absurd.” As the efforts to get Sanders to drop out continue, the alienation of his supporters could grow to such a level that they stay home in November.