August 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton Lied About Turning Over All Work Emails

Hillary Clinton has long told the American people that all the work emails on her private server were turned over to the FBI. Yesterday the news broke that Clinton had lied to the American people. The FBI announced that they have found 15,000 work emails Clinton never turned over:

“The 14,900 Clinton documents are nearly 50 percent more than the roughly 30,000 emails that Clinton’s lawyers deemed work-related and returned to the department in December 2014.”

This news came amid fresh scrutiny on the Clinton Foundation, and exacerbates Clinton’s major problem with ethics and honesty. See below for some of the many newspapers across the country who featured this major new story on their front page:

Orlando Sentinel

Star LedgerWall Street JournalNew York TimesPhiladelphia Inquirer Richmond Times DispatchAlaska Dispatch NewsWashington Times