February 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton Loses The Iowa Caucus

The unthinkable happened: Hillary Clinton lost the Iowa caucuses. One year to the day after leading the race by 51 points, the once inevitable Democratic presidential candidate was defeated last night by a 74-year-old Socialist.

Going into Monday night, Bernie Sanders trailed Clinton by 3 points in the most recent Bloomberg/Des Moines Register poll, and many pundits predicted that Iowa would be the launching point for Clinton’s campaign.

That was hardly the case.

This morning Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin called Iowa a win for Sanders and a loss for Clinton.

While New York Magazine declared, “Bernie Sanders owns the future of the Democratic Party.”

Real Clear Politics confirmed Sanders as the clear winner last night:

“A few short weeks ago no one thought the 74-year-old socialist from Vermont posed any threat to Hillary Clinton. Maybe he’d win New Hampshire, by virtue of being the favorite son in a neighboring state, but that was considered a mere speed bump on the road to Clinton’s coronation. The fact that Sanders virtually tied Clinton in Iowa Monday night will be spun as a victory by his campaign and the media.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said about last night’s results, “A contest this tight is something Hillary Clinton supporters did not expect to see whatever they said about the polls.”

Not even Hillblazer Steven Rattner thought Hillary Clinton won Iowa.

One of the factors that played a pivotal role in Clinton’s downfall was her honest and trustworthy numbers. According to The Hill:

“26 percent of Democratic voters said the most important quality of a candidate is that the person is “honest and trustworthy.” Of that portion, 75 percent are caucusing for Sanders.”

If Clinton was hoping to rebound in New Hampshire like she did in 2008, she has another thing coming for her. Sanders was greeted in New Hampshire by a large and raucous crowd, causing Sanders to hold an impromptu rally on a flatbed at 5 am: