February 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton Lost Last Night’s Democratic Town Hall

This morning Hillary Clinton was strongly criticized for her answer on accepting exorbitant speaking fees in last night’s Democratic town hall.

Joe Scarbourgh pointed out the reason people were paying Clinton +$300k for a speech was simply for access:

SCARBOURGH: She [Hillary Clinton] said name one thing anybody has bought with money paying me, George Stephanopoulos said access. He was there with them and understands it is about access, especially if you’re getting $675,000 from Goldman Sachs and Hillary Clinton is delivering a speech that Goldman Sachs executives are saying they appreciate it.”

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin said of Clinton’s answer:

HALPERIN: That answer goes to, I think, the biggest contradiction in her campaign as she faces off against Bernie Sanders which is even as she continues to move to the left to try to keep him from having room on the left she and her supporters suggest sanders is too left wing to be elected president and that answer and all the problems she has in dealing with being more of an establishment candidate than s=Sanders revealed there and it clearly makes her uncomfortable.

While CNN’s Maeve Reston said of Clinton’s overall town hall performance, “She had some really tough moments last night.”

ABC News’  “Good Morning America” even highlighted those “tough moments”:

National Journal’s Ron Fournier pointed out that Clinton’s biggest problem over the next several months isn’t Sanders, but rather the ongoing FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails.

And The Washington Post‘s Jonathan Capehart added that Clinton’s Wall Street answer was “unsatisfactory.”