January 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton More Liberal Than Nancy Pelosi On Hyde Amendment

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton moved to shore up the far-left crowd when she showed herself even more liberal on abortion than Nancy Pelosi. During her speech accepting Planned Parenthood’s endorsement, Clinton called for the elimination of the Hyde Amendment, which bans the government funding of abortion.

The Planned Parenthood crowd went wild but the American people most surely did not. Maybe someone should tell Clinton that she’s out of step with a vast majority of the American people. According to a Marist Poll:

“There is little support for using tax dollars to pay for a woman’s abortion. 68% of Americans, regardless of gender, oppose the use of public funding for this purpose.”

Clinton is even to the left of San Francisco liberal Rep. Nancy Pelosi on the Hyde Amendment. Planned Parenthood attacked Pelosi last year when she made sure the Hyde Amendment stayed the law of the land. Pelosi understood that something that popular and the law since 1979 is not going away.

When Nancy Pelosi realizes it’s too liberal and impossible to repeal something, and you don’t, it’s a sign you’ve got serious problems relating to the American people.