July 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has No Answers To Charlie Rose’s Many Tough Questions

Last night, Hillary Clinton went on Charlie Rose. It did not go well. Charlie Rose repeatedly interrogated Clinton on a number of her critical weaknesses, including her vast trust problems and the FBI investigation. On many of the questions Rose asked, Clinton had no answer.

The results of many recent polls must be terrifying for the Clinton campaign, given her answers to Rose when he pressed Clinton on her trust deficit. Last week a New York Times/CBS poll showed 67 percent of the American people do not find Clinton honest or trustworthy. Yet, Clinton denied that her awful trust numbers had anything to do with her conduct, rather she blamed the political process:

In another major stumble, Clinton continued to deny many of FBI Director James Comey’s conclusions on the former Secretary of State’s use of a private email server. While 92 percent of Americans believe Clinton was wrong to use a private email server, the presumptive Democratic nominee continues to deny, contrary to the FBI, that she ever sent or received classified information. In one of the more revealing moments, Clinton even admits that she only regrets using a private email server because she was caught, saying “it was wrong because, look at what it has generated”:

During another point in the interview, Clinton had the temerity to claim that she, a former First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State, was not a member of the Democratic establishment. Leaving aside that Clinton only clinched the nomination because of superdelegates, yesterday Politico published a story detailing the many behind the scenes maneuvers of President Barack Obama to help Clinton overcome her primary hurdles. It doesn’t get more establishment than a sitting President from your own party dropping his own Vice President for your candidacy!

Finally, Clinton denied that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) had any impact on her many flip-flops to the left during the primary. This will be news to Sanders who spent much of last week bragging about pushing Clinton to the left on many issues.