August 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton Not Knowing Whether She Wiped Her Server Clean DOMINATES The Morning News

Yesterday in Las Vegas, NV, Hillary Clinton learned a valuable lesson: what happens in Vegas doesn’t actually stay in Vegas, despite what some may claim.

For the first time since reports surfaced that Hillary Clinton tried to have her private email server cleaned, she faced tough questions about it from the press. The exchange ended with a visibly frustrated Clinton walking away from the podium.

The panel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe found it to be “disturbing” and a “huge problem” that Hillary Clinton’s server was kept in a bathroom in Denver, CO. The panel agreed that this was no longer a partisan issue despite what the Clinton campaign claims.

NBC’s Chuck Todd said about Clinton’s email scandal, “She [Hillary Clinton] certainly, I think, appears more vulnerable than ever the fact that you have the three letters here that has made this email story sort of go to another level of seriousness is FBI. This is no longer, she can’t just say this is a partisan witch-hunt by the House Republicans. The FBI is now investigating regarding the classified info situation.”

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said, “ I’m stunned that her staff allowed her do that in 2009 given the unhappy outcome this guaranteed.”

Check out the rundown below:

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Adding to the growing concern among Clinton supporters is a CNN/ORC poll released today that has Clinton below 50% in the Democratic primary for the first time, and 53% of those polled hold an unfavorable view of her.