November 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton On Raising Taxes: Do What I Say, Not What I Do

By now, Hillary Clinton wanting it both ways on an issue should be routine, but today’s attack by the Clinton campaign on Senator Sanders’ tax plan is a new low. Here’s Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon on Senator Sanders’ health care plan that raises taxes on the middle class:

Bernie Sanders has called for a roughly 9-percent tax hike on middle-class families just to cover his health-care plan,” said Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon, referring to legislation Sanders introduced in 2013, “and simple math dictates he’ll need to tax workers even more to pay for the rest of his at least $18-20 trillion agenda. If you are truly concerned about raising incomes for middle-class families, the last thing you should do is cut their take-home pay right off the bat by raising their taxes.

What’s so striking about that statement is that throughout Secretary Clinton’s career she has a history of supporting tax increases that harm the middle class. To take just one example, Secretary Clinton was “active in whipping votes” in Congress for Obamacare, only one of the largest middle class tax hikes in decades. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimated that Obamacare raised taxes on the middle class by a whopping $377 billion. Why wasn’t Secretary Clinton “truly concerned about raising incomes for middle-class families” when she lobbied Congress to pass such a massive middle class tax hike?

At a minimum, the next time the Clinton campaign launches a political attack on one of her opponents, they should at least make sure it squares with her own failed record.