March 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton Releases A 3-Step Plan For Defeating ISIS. Twitter Erupts.

In November 2015, Hillary Clinton gave a speech that she said laid out her plans for defeating ISIS. After doing so, she claimed no other candidate had thought to do so, which fact checkers immediately blasted as false. But Clinton’s plan in November lacked any real specifics, as evidenced by her campaign chairman’s tweet here:

That tweet garnered a bit of attention online for it’s complete lack of detail, and it’s chicken-and-the-egg strategy for defeating ISIS (Step 1: defeat ISIS).

Apparently choosing to double down on this vapid strategy, the Clinton campaign released a graphic today during Clinton’s regurgitation of the same speech.

The response from Twitter was brutal:

America Rising has learned that part 4 of the plan, which didn’t quite make the graphic, is stopping “bad things from happening.”