August 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton Stands By DNC Debate Schedule

Today in Exeter, NH Hillary Clinton stood by the DNC debate schedule, saying “I’m not going to get into scheduling. I’m going to show up when I’m told to show up and be there. Looking forward to it.”

Clinton’s Democratic primary challengers however find the lack of debates to be disturbing and undemocratic.

Bernie Sanders told Face the Nation host John Dickerson:

I’d like to see the DNC have more debates. I would like to see labor union groups. I would like to see environmental groups, women’s groups, gay groups…different constituencies, host events and have us debate. So I believe the more debates, the better.”

Last Friday, Martin O’Malley claimed that the DNC was rigging the Democratic primary in favor of Clinton.

Today, O’Malley stood by his rhetoric, claiming that the DNC’s efforts to squelch debates are “undemocratic.”

NH1 political director Paul Steinhauer gave the DNC “Loser of the Week” for its debate schedule.

But, can you blame Clinton? Fewer debates mean less opportunities of being asked questions she is actively trying to avoid, like questions about her private email server, the Clinton Foundation’s questionable donations, Bill Clinton’s business practices, the Keystone XL pipeline, and the Iran deal.