February 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton Suffered A Devastating Loss Tonight In New Hampshire

Tonight, a 74-year-old self avowed socialist has won the New Hampshire Democratic primary, decisively beating Hillary Clinton, who only a year ago was considered the Democratic frontrunner.

Reaction to this once unthinkable outcome was swift and highly unfavorable of Clinton and her campaign.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny called these results:

ZELENY: A moral blow to their campaign. This is a reset for their campaign. It is hard to overestimate the changes and just the structural decisions they will make going forward.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell called the Democratic Party, “completely splintered” and was not a fan of Robby Mook’s three page memo:

MITCHELL: This is pretty shocking. Because it’s a three-page memo, from the campaign manager defensively explaining how they can come back and win the nomination in March with the delegate rich first 15 days in March.

Later on Zeleny said of the Clinton’s campaign:

ZELENY: There is deep worry in the hearts and minds of Clinton supporters. I talked to one senior Clinton supporter from here in New Hampshire who said he believes that their message was muddled. He believes she does not have a succinct of a message as Bernie Sanders and that’s one of the reasons that they are actively talking about a bit of a campaign shakeup, an adjustment here. They do not — they underestimated Bernie Sanders. They underestimated how much he would resonate with the populist strain in the party right now and they are going to try and retool her message.

According to The New York Times, exit polls show that Clinton lost every age group except for that of voters 65 and older, and the only income group that Clinton carried was that of families earning over $200,000 per year.

Not surprisingly after these results Vice President Joe Biden isn’t ruling anything out.

NOTE: Live look at Robby Mook: