January 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton: The Wrong Candidate For Asian-American and Pacific-Islander Voters

Today in California Hillary Clinton will launch Asian-Americans and Pacific-Islanders for Hillary. Perhaps Clinton should have stuck to fundraising while in California because she’s been a disaster for Asian-American and Pacific-Islander voters. From her awful record on North Korea, to politicizing the Asian pivot, Clinton is the wrong candidate for the AAPI community.

With North Korean’s alleged hydrogen bomb test, Clinton’s failed record on handling North Korean aggression is more relevant than ever. Clinton’s North Korea policy at the State Department was one of “strategic patience,” which meant “a hands-off approach to North Korea.” According to one expert that policy helped lead to the current crisis:

“In my view, ‘strategic patience’ was a polite term for sitting back and watching while North Korea continued to build up its nuclear weapons program,’ said Matthew Bunn, a nuclear non-proliferation expert at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.”

On another important issue for AAPI voters, China, Clinton is also a flawed candidate. While Clinton tries to tout the pivot to Asia as one of her few accomplishments at the State Department, a recent email released by the State Department casts a very different light on how she views it.

In the email from Clinton to a top aide, Clinton was consumed by getting credit for herself on formulating the pivot to Asia, rather than the White House receiving it. For Clinton, everything is political.