August 3, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton Trustworthy? Arizona’s Kirkpatrick Won’t Say.

Arizona Democratic senate candidate Ann Kirkpatrick sure does have a strange interpretation of the word “support.” During an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday, she seemed completely caught off-guard by a question about Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness (or lack thereof if you look at the polls).

Kirkpatrick ultimately would not say she trusted Clinton, but stood by her “support” in the awkward exchange:

BALDWIN: “Do You Think Hillary Clinton Is Trustworthy?

KIRKPATRICK: “I’m sorry what was that again?”

BALDWIN: “Do you think secretary Clinton is trustworthy?”

KIRKPATRICK: “Oh, I, I support Hillary. I mean I’ve taken a public stance on that and I think she’s the most qualified to lead this country. I mean look there’s a lot going on, she has the experience and the knowledge to be president of the United States.”

This isn’t the first time Kirkpatrick has been a frenemy to Clinton on the subject of honesty and trust. Following FBI director James Comey’s report that Clinton was “extremely careless” with classified information, Kirkpatrick “declined to respond” to media requests for comment.