January 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s #1 State Department Accomplishment: Helping Her Friends

Hillary Clinton has long struggled to name a top accomplishment from her time at the State Department. With a new report today from Politico she might no longer have that problem. As Politico reports, Clinton was exceptional at “tending to wealthy supporters who backed her campaigns and family foundation” while at the State Department.

When billionaire George Soros wanted certain diplomats appointed to handle a crisis in Albania, Soros’ choice was appointed to deal with it. If “mega-donor” Steven Spielberg wanted a State Department briefing, he was given one. And important donors like billionaire Walter Shorenstein, whose lobbyist told Clinton he had “great news,” were certain to land on her call list.

None of these shady dealings should come as a surprise though. The Clintons have a history of selling whatever office they occupy to the highest bidder.

If Hillary Clinton was willing to repeatedly and consistently open her State Department office to her wealthy donors, why wouldn’t she do the same with the Oval Office? This is just one more reason why Clinton is unfit to be elected President in 2016.