July 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Education Flip-Flop Accentuated With Booker Speech

During the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton made an art out flip-flopping on issues to better appeal to the more liberal primary electorate. One of the key issues Clinton changed her position on was education reform. During her time as First Lady, Clinton praised charter schools as a “liberation of public schools.” She also supported the education reform movement during her first presidential run. Yet, with Sanders proving a competitive primary opponent, Clinton changed her tune on charter schools:

“So I want parents to be able to exercise choice within the public school system — not outside of it — but within it.”

Clinton put her political future over America’s children, and won the support of notoriously-hostile teachers’ union as a result.

Clinton’s lurch to the left on education reform makes it very awkward for noted selfie-taker Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) to address the convention. Booker is one of the strongest supporters of education reform in the Democratic Party. When Booker was mayor of Newark, he accepted $100 million from Mark Zuckerberg for the Newark school system, with the condition that Newark implement many of the policies teachers’ unions hate the most. Booker could not be more at odds with Clinton’s current position on charter schools. By addressing the Democratic National Convention, Booker highlights the fact that Hillary Clinton’s number one goal isn’t helping the American people, it’s helping herself.