August 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Hypocrisy On Super PACs Exposed

Yesterday, The New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton’s Super PACs have started “soliciting giant donations” with Clinton’s “blessing,” despite the Democrat candidate’s call for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision and claiming she will only nominate Supreme Court justices who agree with her on the issue. The New York Times also notes that Clinton has been making calls on behalf of the Super PAC:

Mrs. Clinton has also become more comfortable with the group’s efforts. The law prohibits a candidate from directly requesting super PAC donations over $5,000, but Mrs. Clinton has made phone calls on the group’s behalf, and by late fall or early winter she and her husband are both expected to accept meetings and attend events for Priorities USA Action.

To bridge the divide between her campaign message and the need to raise enormous sums, Mrs. Clinton tells donors that the only way to overturn the Citizens United ruling and do away with super PACs is to elect a Democrat. “We can’t unilaterally disarm,” she often says, sounding a refrain long heard from politicians promising to overhaul the campaign finance system, including Mr. Obama in 2012.

And Democratic fund-raisers say Mrs. Clinton’s involvement is helping Priorities USA Action gain ground.

The Wall Street Journal also reported yesterday that two Clinton Super PACs, Priorities USA and Emily’s List, are planning to spend $20 million to “drum up support for Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy.”

And just last week, The Associated Press reported that Priorities USA, the main Super PAC backing Clinton, received $1 million donation that cannot be traced:

 Hillary Rodham Clinton told a cheering crowd at her largest rally so far that ‘the endless flow of secret, unaccountable money’ must be stopped. Two weeks later, the main super PAC backing her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination accepted a $1 million contribution that cannot be traced.

The seven-figure donation, made June 29 to the pro-Clinton Priorities USA Action, came from another super political action committee, called Fair Share Action. Its two lone contributors are Fair Share Inc. and Environment America Inc., according to records filed with Federal Election Commission.

The Washington Post editorial board said this donation represented the “opaque shuffling of cash from one group to another is exactly what Ms. Clinton meant by ‘unaccountable money.’”

All of these examples show that Clinton’s calls to get “unaccountable money” out of politics “once and for all” are not serious, and once again exemplify that Clinton will say or do anything to win this election.