November 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Long Time Moneyman Attacks Her Rationale for Opposing Trade

Will Sec. Clinton’s flagrant flip-flop on Trans-Pacific Partnership lead to a falling out with her longtime moneyman? In a White House conference call this afternoon, Gov. Terry McAuliffe lauded a trade deal that Sec. Clinton once called the “gold standard in trade agreements”.  The Governor emphasized the many positive benefits American workers and the U.S. economy will receive from its ratification. He also praised TPP for its “‘importance’ to growing state economies” , which now leaves a huge division between Sec. Clinton and her longtime loyalist.

In praising the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Gov. McAuliffe claimed that it represents “the largest expansion of enforceable labor rights in history”. Apparently, that wasn’t good enough to clear the “high bar” Sec. Clinton set in order to support the agreement.

Maybe, the next time Sec. Clinton and Gov. McAuliffe are hobnobbing together at a campaign fundraiser, the governor can fill Sec. Clinton in on the 423,600 Virginia jobs supported by trade with TPP countries.