October 7, 2014

Secretary of Mismanagement: Hillary Clinton’s Management Blasted By Inspector General

The Washington Examiner reports that a third “management alert” has been issued by the State Department Inspector General criticizing Hillary Clinton’s management. The management alert details “rampant mismanagement within the [State Department], much of it during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s tenure.”

The most recent alert by the independent Inspector General criticizes the State’s Department handling of the Department’s grant program. It found that poor management and oversight potentially exposed taxpayer money to fraud and waste. The State Department gives away over a billion dollars of taxpayer money annually in grants. A previous management alert warned that the State Department had mismanaged over $6 billion.

This Inspector General alert noted the State Department was warned of problems in the grant program before Secretary Clinton assumed power, but the “significant deficiencies” were never fixed under her leadership and still persist today.  The Inspector General concluded that the State Department needs to take “immediate action” about its “unacceptable lack of internal control[s]” that exposes the grant funding to “significant financial risk” and fraud.” Sorry Secretary Clinton, but three strikes and you’re out.