November 7, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Most Memorable Moments In The Senate

Today marks the 15th anniversary of Hillary Clinton being elected to the U.S. Senate, and we at America Rising decided to look back at some of her more memorable moments as a senator from New York.

Clearly a lot has changed since Clinton was in the Senate. Kate married Will, Harry faced the Deathly Hallows, the world experienced Bieber fever, and Clinton flipped on every issue.

1. Transparency/Openness

In 2003, Clinton criticized others on the issues of transparency, rhetoric that has been totally undermined with her use of a secret server and private email address while at the State Department.

2. Same Sex Marriage

In 2004, Clinton preached that marriage should be between a man and a woman. But now Clinton has changed her tune – something she struggled to explain to NPR in 2014. Clinton even tried to rewrite history on how the Defense of Marriage Act came about.

3. Ethanol

Back in 2002, Clinton vigorously opposed ethanol, heralding it as a government “mandate.” Yet, earlier this year she included steps to strengthen the renewable fuel standard and ethanol gas blends in her rural policy agenda.

4. Wall Street

In early October, Clinton announced her plans to crack down on Wall Street, which is quite the turnaround from her time in Senate. After the economic crash in 2008, Clinton talked about the dependency of thousands on Wall Street, even going so far as to call it the “lifeblood” of New York’s economy.

5. Iraq War

Maybe one of her most memorable moments while a senator, Clinton vehemently supported going to war with Iraq, saying that it was in “the best interests of our nation.” Clinton even dramatically calls out Saddam Hussein, warning him that this was his “last chance.” Even when running for president in 2008, Clinton defended her vote. But in her book Hard Choices, she has now decided that it was a mistake.

How convenient.