February 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Nevada Campaign: By The Numbers


Nevada Democrats are set to caucus tomorrow, and for Secretary Clinton, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Following a poor showing in Iowa and a devastating landslide loss in New Hampshire, she and her team are eager for their first win. So eager, in fact, that they have been willing to just make stuff up to mitigate any potential loss.

To that end, Team Clinton has poured vast resources into the Battle Born State in order to stem the Sanders tide. Will it work? Democrats will decide tomorrow. But in the meantime, check out Hillary Clinton’s Nevada campaign: by the numbers.

$4 Million: Clinton Ad Spending On Nevada Airwaves

$398,597.38: Clinton’s 2015 Expenditures In Nevada

28: Endorsements From Past Or Present Nevada Lawmakers

27: Nevada Events Attended By A Clinton

25 Points: Clinton’s Polling Advantage In Nevada As Of January 2016

6 Months: Clinton’s Head Start In Nevada Over Bernie Sanders

And don’t forget: Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook ran her successful 2008 operation:

“Mook first rose to fame in Clintonland after he oversaw Clinton’s 2008 Nevada caucus campaign, where she won 51 percent of the popular vote.”