November 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s One Trillion Dollar Giveaway

Yesterday in Boston, Hillary Clinton unveiled $350 billion dollar infrastructure spending plan. That puts Clinton at over a trillion dollars in spending this campaign season. Spending a trillion dollars sounds like a lot of fun, especially when you don’t include a way to pay for it. Here at America Rising we thought we’d offer Clinton some other suggestions on how to spend the money. For one trillion dollars Clinton could get:

  1. If Clinton is in the market for a new server, she could take advantage of Cyber Monday and buy 629,326,620 Dell servers.
  2. Clinton could have taken 2,433,090,024 of her closest friends to see Taylor Swift in concert.
  3. She could put 740 football stadiums in Los Angeles.
  4. Hillary Clinton is a big football fan. If she wanted to buy a pair of season ticket for the Arkansas Razorbacks she could buy 555,555,555. If she wanted to buy season tickets for her other hometown, she could buy 18,849,430 pairs of New York Giants season tickets. For her last hometown, she could buy 145,348,837 Bears season tickets
  5. Bill Clinton loves to give out Shinola watches. If Hillary Clinton wanted to stock Bill up before the Christmas season, she could purchase 1,025,641,025 for them to give away.
  6. David Brooks recently wrote about his $120,000 around-the-world, Four Season vacation. Clinton could send 8,333,333 of her biggest supporters on this luxurious globe-trotting trip.
  7. In 20 years, Hillary Clinton could go to Mars 10 times.
  8. Hillary Clinton has a known demand that she fly on Gulfstream G450 private jets or better. With one trillion dollars, she could buy 26,315 Gulfstream G450 private jets.
  9. Clinton has previously shown her love for Chipotle’s burrito bowl. She could buy 153,846,153,846 chicken burrito bowls. That’s enough to buy each person in the world 21 burrito bowls.
  10. Clinton could buy 588,235 mansions like the one she bought when she was “dead broke” in Chappaqua, NY.
  11. Even though Clinton makes a whopping $231,324 on average per paid speech it would still take 4,322,940 million speeches to make a trillion dollars.