March 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Stunning Loss In Michigan Is The Talk Of The Town

Last night, Hillary Clinton lost the Michigan primary to Bernie Sanders a 74-year-old a 74-year-old self-avowed socialist.

This loss has been widely regarded as “stunning” by members of the media. This is especially true when you factor in that Clinton held a 17-point lead in Michigan less than a week ago.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said Clinton lost Michigan because, “she’s not matching the mood of the country.”

Former “Meet The Press” host David Gregory pointed toward an enthusiasm gap factored in Clinton’s loss:

GREGORY: This is government not delivering for the people it’s supposed to serve and so people are saying ‘no, we’re not going to take that anymore, we want something really different.’ And I think that part of the enthusiasm gap is what Clinton is dealing with.

A concern that was echoed last night by President Obama’s former green czar Van Jones:

Former Senior Advisor to President Obama David Axelrod said Clinton’s biggest problem is she lacks authenticity when she speaks.

NBC’s Chuck Todd said of Clinton’s loss, “I think it’s a reminder to Hillary Clinton, she has work to do to gain trust of sort of the spectacle part of the Democratic Party when it comes to trade deals.”

Exit polls show that Michigan voters didn’t find Clinton to be trustworthy:

Whether Clinton’s loss in Michigan is because of an enthusiasm gap or a lack of trust, one thing is certain Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate.