January 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Tone Deaf Response To 13 Hours Movie

The new movie 13 Hours might be a success at the box office, but we know one person who won’t be purchasing a ticket: Hillary Clinton. As she told Jake Tapper, she’s just “too busy” campaigning to see the real-life story of six American heroes who did their job, when her and her State Department did not do theirs.

Clinton was then asked about 13 Hours on Meet the Press. Her answer was even worse. Chuck Todd asked her if she felt there was anything she could have done differently that night to save the four American lives lost on her watch. She said there wasn’t. Even worse than that, she said:

My real focus, Chuck, is what do we do to make sure that when we send Americans into harm’s way — military or civilian, our diplomats or soldiers — we take every precaution to the best of our ability, in what is an unpredictable and dangerous world to make sure they can discharge their duties and be safe while doing it.

If Clinton’s State Department took “every precaution,” why did the Senate Intelligence and Homeland Security Committees fault the State Department for ignoring multiple terrorist threat warnings from U.S. intelligence agencies? Why in Stevens’ last journal entry did he write about “never-ending security threats,” yet the State Department deny requests from him for more security? Why did the State Department not provide potentially life-saving equipment for the Benghazi facility?

In a time of so much danger around the world, Americans cannot afford to elect a President whose definition of taking “every precaution” is to leave people so unsafe.