August 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Top Immigration Lies and Flip Flops

Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and even Hillary’s hand-picked Democratic National Convention speaker Rep. Luis Gutierrez have pointed out Hillary Clinton’s many inconsistencies on immigration policy and immigration reform. Check out Hillary Clinton’s biggest immigration lies and flip flops below.

1: The Phrase “Illegal Immigration”:

2003’s Hillary Clinton: “I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigration.”

2015’s Hillary Clinton: “Hillary Clinton said that her use of the term ‘illegal immigrant’ at a town hall in New Hampshire was a ‘poor choice of words’… As I’ve said throughout this campaign, the people at the heart of this issue are children, parents, families, DREAMers. They have names, and hopes and dreams that deserve to be respected.”

2: Drivers Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants:

2015’s Hillary Clinton: A Clinton campaign spokeswoman told the Huffington Post in April, “Hillary supports state policies to provide driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.”

2007’s Hillary Clinton: In November of that year, Hillary Clinton said in a statement, “As president, I will not support drivers’ licenses for undocumented people,” after New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer dropped his proposal to distribute licenses to undocumented drivers.

3: Her Family History:

2015’s Hillary Clinton: In Iowa, Hillary Clinton claimed “all my grandparents” came to the U.S. in an apparent effort to boost her personal immigration story.

Politifact rated her claim False, after finding only one grandparent born in a foreign country. Clinton’s campaign confirmed that she lied.

4: Comprehensive Immigration Reform:

2015’s Hillary Clinton: In an August 2015 interview, Clinton said a “comprehensive path to citizenship… is the only answer.”

2007’s Hillary Clinton: In June, as Martin O’Malley reminded voters, Clinton voted for the Dorgan Amendment which effectively killed comprehensive immigration reform efforts. The union backed “poison pill” amendment passed by one vote. As Sen. Chuck Schumer recalled, “‘Byron Dorgan did an amendment and it scuttled the bill.’

5: Healthcare For Undocumented Immigrants

2015’s Hillary Clinton: Clinton’s plan would allow illegal immigrants to buy health insurance through Obamacare. As she said in an interview, “If you are undocumented, you can buy into [Obamacare].”

2008’s Hillary Clinton: In 2008, Clinton stated categorically that illegal immigrants would not be covered under her universal health care plan. “Illegal immigrants would not be covered…and my [healthcare] plan does not cover them now.”


6: The Status of Undocumented Children:

2015’s Hillary Clinton: Clinton answered a tough MSNBC town hall question on her stance saying, “The children themselves need to be taken care of. They are children. They should be given every help that we can. And I think we’re doing a better job of that than we were.”

2014’s Hillary Clinton: This is a sharp reversal from Clinton’s stance in 2014 were she said immigrant children “should be sent back.”

7: Building a Border

2016’s Hillary Clinton: In January in Nevada, when asked whether she supported building a wall along the border with Mexico, Clinton responded: “Well, I don’t think so…We would create a clash that would be so damaging to who we are as Americans and I just don’t think people are serious about it when they make that claim.”

2015’s Hillary Clinton: In November in New Hampshire, Clinton told voters, “I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders.”