July 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Top Lies About Her Private Email Server

In the shadow of FBI Director Comey’s damning indictment of Hillary Clinton’s dangerous judgement to use a private email server, Hillary Clinton’s lies about her private email server have become even more pronounced.

But what are the top lies about Hillary Clinton’s private email server?

  1. Hillary Clinton’s ridiculous claim that “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email” and false claim her server contained no information “marked classified”
    1. FALSE: FBI Director James Comey said that his agency in fact found 110 emails in 52 email chains, 8 of which contained Top Secret information, that happened to “contain classified information at the time they were sent or received.” FBI Director Comey reported that three emails on Clinton’s server contained classified markings at the time they were sent.
  2. The convenience of one device
    1. FALSE: Hillary Clinton falsely claimed the reason for using her personal email server was purely for the “convenience” of using one device when in fact she emailed from MULTIPLE devices.
  3. Government emails were automatically and immediately captured by the State Department
    1. FALSE: Email traffic among senior State Department officials was not regularly archived and did not begin being archived until “February of this year.”
  4. Hillary Clinton released her emails as part of a routine maintenance request
    1. FALSE: Hillary Clinton released her emails to the State Department after it began an investigation into her private email server.
  5. Hillary Clinton asked that all of her emails be released
    1. FALSE: Hillary Clinton’s emails were released to the public as a result of a court order demanding the State Department release them.
  6. Hillary Clinton claimed that all of her work-related emails were released
    1. FALSE: Hillary Clinton DID NOT in fact release all of her work-related emails. FBI Director Comey said the FBI found “thousands” of work-related emails that had not been turned over to the State Department.
  7. Hillary Clinton’s blatantly false claim that her email use was “allowed”
    1. FALSE: PolitiFact rated her claim that her email use was “allowed” as false. Further, FBI Director Comey testified that Clinton “did not comply with the [State] Department’s procedures or the Federal Records Act.”