October 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Wells Fargo Hypocrisy

Wells Fargo has been in the news lately for some very bad reasons. The scandal that has rocked the Wall Street bank recently has now become an event that Hillary Clinton will attempt to make political use of during a speech today.While Clinton called out Wells Fargo a couple weeks ago in a letter to the bank’s customers, the Democratic nominee will step up her attacks during a campaign event today in Ohio. According to Reuters, Clinton will go as far as calling the bank a “bad corporate actor”:

“U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday will unveil a plan to make it easier for consumers to take legal action against ‘bad corporate actors,’ citing Wells Fargo & Co and Mylan Pharmaceuticals, according to a campaign official.”

Yet by trying to score political points on Wells Fargo’s bad actions, Clinton will once again expose the hypocrisy at the heart of her political career. That’s because the Clintons have long profited from an association with Wells Fargo:

  • Wells Fargo employees have donated $258,351 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, the most any candidate has received from Wells Fargo employees.
  • In 2011, Bill Clinton made $200,000 when he gave a speech to Wells Fargo
  • The Wells Fargo Foundation has donated between $100,001 To $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
  • Wells Fargo Bank has donated between $10,001 To $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons’ longstanding relationship with Wells Fargo is just the latest example that shows that Hillary Clinton is a hopelessly compromised political figure. While Clinton will try to obscure that fact during today’s speech, the American people know the truth.