February 1, 2016

Hillary For America: Big Time Spending, With Little To Show For It

Year-end FEC data for Hillary Clinton’s campaign is now available, and it’s not pretty for her campaign. Her campaign and affiliated organizations are burning through money at an alarming rate, while spending big on private jet travel and internal polling.

Below are some of the important numbers from the Clinton campaign’s latest FEC report:

In reaction to Bernie Sanders’ strength in the polls, Hillary Clinton has struck an increasingly liberal, populist tone. Yet her campaign’s latest FEC report paints a very different picture, with only 14.98% of her donations coming from donors giving less than $200. When you combine that with the fact Clinton’s SuperPAC Priorities USA Action counts 90% of their money coming from donors giving $1 million or more, you have a campaign that says one thing and does another.

Clinton’s campaign, Correct the Record, and American Bridge are all burning through a ton of cash. Hillary for America has reported an 86.9% burn rate, with Hillary Victory Fund at 107.4%. Both of David Brock’s groups also reported a burn rate over 100%, with Correct the Record at 138% and American Bridge at 117%.

Looking through the report, it’s clear that one of the reasons for Clinton’s high burn rate is her penchant for private jets. In just the last quarter, Clinton’s campaign sent $915,658.64 to Executive Fliteways, Clinton’s go-to private jet provider.

And while Clinton claims to not pay attention to the polls, her campaign sure spends a lot of money on polling firms. The Clinton campaign spent $727,172.15 on polling last quarter alone.